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IT WAS ALL ABOUT COLORS - Comments on Lisa & Jan´s wedding

Just after the ceremony in Von Greifsvald that day.

Just after the ceremony in Von Greifsvald that day.

It was all about colors! Such a pleasure to shoot in a place where colors has been picked carefully, Von Greifswald is that kind of places where I end up taking too many photos. Then, what is the best that you can put in a place like this to make it perfect? nice easy going people. Was a pleasure to meet Lisa and Jan, in Skype first, then at a barbecue the evening before in their lovely little house out of the city. I remember perceiving a lot of energy from Lisa, it was easy to tell how much power and love she was putting in this couple of lovely days. Parents where sweet with me too, children always putting a fresh touch to the day, the French community was interesting to share with, my friends Annika and Lasse and everyone else. So people, I really hope you enjoy this photos A LOT, since a put TONS, of work on it, editing carefully again, those well chosen colors as i said before. COMMENTS here are VERY appreciated, even in german! so leave a peace of yourself in a few lines, and remind me next time someone is planning a new wedding celebration, See you next time!

- i put a little surprise just ahead!

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